How come landed property appreciate so much during circuit breaker period?
Even more , new launches price increase.
The pandemic actually fundamentally change home dwellers fundamental needs for housing. After the circuit breaker ends in July 2020. Many Singaporean, Tenant, Expat, Coupler whom are forced to work from home realised that their current home is no longer big enough for their needs . Spending habit shifted from luxurious goods to real estate needs. Investment pattern also changed shifting from equity to hard asset. Landed becomes the prime investment target and becomes highly attractive to the well heeled segment of buyers as in terms of psf it is the cheapest.

Coupled with that the supply of condo increased by 180% over the last 20 years but landed supplies only increase by 11.8%. And landed supply will not increased or not possible to increase even in the longer term as low density housing will always be in short supply. So in comparison it is inevitable that landed price will continue to increase in the long term and able to brave thru financial crisis or downturn.

Singapore landed is especially resilient due to our nation low loan to value mortgage which make foreclosure almost non existence in Singapore unlike US or Australia(Note : Foreclosure is not the same as mortgagee sales). This strong foundation ensure holding power of landed owners. The only drawback is it is restricted property not eligible to foreigners unless given special approval. However this is also a benefit, it ensure that there is no excessive speculation.

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